Marathi wife has an affair in her office with husband’s friend

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When a friend asks for a job for his wife, he does not know what all it will take out of her. The friend gives the wife a job but also wants a fuck from her. This Marathi wife goes to his office and during the interview, gets horny for the husband’s friend. After the interview, she goes home and the boss asks for her nude pics. She readily sends it to him. The next day, when she arrives in office, he makes her sit on his office couch and tells her to remove her bra. She willingly does so. He then asks her to remove her panty and she obeys him. He asks her to remove his underwear and as soon as she does so, he sticks his dick in her mouth. She tells him not to tell her husband. He says that it will be their secret. He makes her lie on the couch and fucks her. He also makes her hold the camera while he is fucking her brains out.


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